Toronto's best PrEP, PEP and HIV Pharmacy. Serving Toronto, the GTA and all of Ontario. 

The staff here are wonderful. No matter WHAT is up with you, you’ll always be treated with respect, kindness and courtesy. They’re prompt, professional and are happy to provide explanation or answer any questions about your prescriptions. I’m very grateful to have this gem as part of my healthcare.

— Google Review
I used to be a loyal Shoppers Drug Mart patron for all my prescription needs but my go to is The Village Pharmacy from now on.
Their smiling and personalized service including delivery within the immediate area puts them heads and tails above any of the other big box pharmacies in the area. They are definitely worth switching to.
— Google Review

The Village Pharmacy specializes in PReP, PEP and HIV. We're committed to making it easy for all our clients to better manage their medications and their health. 

Here are some of the benefits of using The Village Pharmacy:

  • Personal service
  • PrEP, PEP and HIV expert advice
  • Established relationships with PrEP & HIV doctors and social service organizations
  • Medication reviews
  • Custom blister packs organized by time and day, for people who need help managing multiple medications
  • The Village Pharmacy app so you can request prescriptions and schedule pickups at your convenience
  • Free delivery for HIV and PrEP meds anywhere in Ontario

What We Do


    We love being in the Village and having great clients like you. We also recognize the importance of being socially responsible citizens. So, we give 5% of what we make to community and international organizations. We've done this every year we've been in business and will continue to do so.

    When you get your prescriptions at The Village Pharmacy, you can feel good knowing that you're also helping incredible organizations help prevent HIV, fund research and provide services to those living with HIV. 

    Some of the initiatives we fund include:

    • Sponsorship of the Community Health Forums at ACT
    • Donations of vitamins to PWA Toronto
    • Matching donations campaign in support of the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto
    • Monetary donations to local AIDS service organizations
    • Monetary donations to international organizations like Rainbow Railroad who help LGBT individuals escape from human rights violations in their countries, and Doctors Without Borders who help provide HIV treatment, lead prevention efforts and speak out for greater access to HIV medications in Africa and around the world
    • And more.

    Thank you for being a part of our social responsibility commitment.


    Our 5% commitment

    It all started when...

    ...Zahid opened The Village Pharmacy in 2001 to provide a different kind of pharmacy - one that is laser-focused on client service, and the health and well-being of people living with HIV, and those who want to prevent HIV infection. 

    The Village Pharmacy is also full-service pharmacy - we have meds for all kinds of conditions like diabetes, STIs, heart disease and infections and everything else. But, we're not like the big name pharmacies. We don't have a big front store. And we don't sell toilet paper. 

    We do have a big heart. 

    We get to know all our clients by name, and you'll get to know us too. We take the time to counsel you on your meds. We'll answer your questions and support you in whatever way we can to make sure you get the treatment you need, no hassles, no judgement. And, because we're focused on PrEP and HIV, we have all HIV meds in stock, always, so you have peace of mind that your meds will always be available.

    We're committed to giving back to the community. We're proud donors and supporters to a wide variety of causes. A full 5% of what we earn goes back to organizations like PWA, ACT, and other community initiatives.  

    We take our job seriously. We're proactive and stay up-to-date on the latest research and developments when it comes to PrEP, PEP and HIV.  That means you get the best advice possible, based on the most current info. 

    We have incredible clients from all over Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and beyond. Some have been so kind and written thoughtful and touching reviews on Facebook and reviews on Google. We're grateful and thankful. And, we look forward to seeing you soon at The Village Pharmacy.

    Zahid Somani is a Registered Pharmacist in good standing with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. The Village Pharmacy is an accredited pharmacy under the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

    The Story of The Village Pharmacy.