Update: Toronto-based PrEP Research Study Needs You

Posted by: The Village Pharmacy

A research study to help increase access to PrEP has been launched in Toronto by St. Michael's Hospital - a leader in HIV treatment and research. The study is funded in part by the Canadian HIV Trials Network. 

The PICME PrEP research study aims to increase awareness and understanding of PrEP among gay and bisexual guys, and trans people. The study will also look into increasing access to PrEP through community-based health providers (family doctors and sexual health clinics), since currently, only a small number of doctors have experience with PrEP.  

Why should you join the PrEP research study?

There are 2 great reasons: First, you'll be doing a public service by helping to improve access to PrEP, which ultimately will lower the rate of new HIV infections. Second, there's something in it for you too! By participating in this study, you'll:

  • Learn more about PrEP

  • Figure out if PrEP is right for you

  • Get tips on how to talk to your family doctor about PrEP

  • Connect your regular family doctor to reliable medical information about PrEP

What does the PrEP research study require me to do?

  1. Come in to The Village Pharmacy to pick up a postcard with a unique research participant code, or follow the instructions on the card below

  2. Complete an optional questionnaire

  3. Watch a 20 minute video

  4. Present the card below to your family doctor, when you see him/her about getting a prescription for PrEP

PrEP Research Study Patient Access Card

Need more info?

Read the Research Study Overview

Watch Dr. Sharma share the objectives of this PrEP research study

Dr. Malika Sharma on her postdoctoral project to expand access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis through family physicians and nurses in Toronto.